Sunday, 31 October 2010

seasonal events

all religious events aside Halloween has to be the most interesting,
a festival of fear and terror where children walk around blindly divulging them selves on sweets complaining there teeth hurts and tummies ac, but the minds of children are just an apparent misfortune to what the older generations go through, pushing the little buggers out in to the world with nothing but a bucket and old bed sheet to ward away evil spirits, it pathetic and the infatuations between adults on the complaints makes me even more confused, they horde them selves in there houses to push back on society and conspire to ruin the little monsters fun.

as a new adult i feel the cycle must be broken from these savage events, making children go to other peoples houses to claim there right to food and or money, why must this make me ramble so much o.0
the reason i stand on this blog is mainly the older teens who are the only people who actually are capable of truly making the events of a season work best, cursing fear in to the young with there realistic clothing and god damn awful makeup it is beautiful, its the only time of the year a girl can be a complete slut and think nothing of it and guys can be complete dicks toward society,

the reason i am saying this is Halloween and seasonal events cause the best parts of peoples personality to uncover. guys can be girls, girl can be guys, and the true nature of human nature can uncover for all to see its mass beauty and violence,
the tinsel of media is just pushing on these events to make them a profit, why the reason for seasonal events is to bring people together and show them that the people around them are more than what they see.


Thursday, 28 October 2010


from a very young age iv not what most people have called "normal", for example when i was younger sport didn't work well with me and computers and technology seamed to beckon me in such a weird condescending manor that ever step i took towards my future turned every one around me in to a dark sniveling retard bent on turning my life in to nothing but misery, however from each step i made new friends and companions where made, some more weird than others, some extremely weird id much rather forget about but still people i love to the point of surpassed friendship.

the reason why i have titled this blog "age" is due to the incoherent fact that as of tomorrow i am officially an adult and well im not to happy about it. the reason i say this it ever since i started moving towards my goals and dream the people i call "friend" are moving back away more and more each day, my day to day success causes people i know to resent me in ways that i feel are unimaginable. it could be paranoia but im not sure that will fit my personality to well.

things to know about me is that as my title suggests, yes i am a teenage transgender mtf and im not happy about my state at the moment as iv only just came to terms with my entire persona and im trying to get my physical state to match my mental side, but i ques that's the god thing about me turning 18 tomorrow IL finally be able to move forward and start my transition.

my blog should reflect who i am after around a month i think im going to try and make this a daily thing when im at a computer but im not 100% sure cause of family and personal reason. but every day im at a computer i will 100% of the time post a blog saying what iv done or other things that have been on my mind. this will be in England time at around 6pm or midnight to allow me time to think through what iv been rambling about.
i hope we can talk again soon.. <3 Catie F